There is something precious in your life that you do not earn and you do not own and its freely given to you. It is something that we all take for granted, not recognising its importance or significance, that thing is….. This moment and the next moment and all the moments of your existence. There is no reason to believe that you own these moments. You did not create the world and the life that it contains. You played no role in bringing yourself in to existence. There are no good reason to show that you have earned these moments, were that you even deserve another moment in your life. Such a blessing cannot be acquired or re payed by someone who doesn’t have the power  to bring oneself to existence. If someone has given you something precious, that you haven’t earned, and something that you don’t own, shouldn’t that instil an immense gratitude in your heart but who should you be grateful to.

The answer is simple, the one who created life and gave it to you. So don’t be like the one who has been given a gift and starts thanking the gift instead of the one who gave it to him. Be thankful for you life, this moment, this second and be grateful to god, the one who created your life and gave it to you and provided you with every valuable moment of your existence.

….it is God who brought you out of your mother womb, knowing nothing, and gave you hearing and sight and minds, so that you be grateful – The Koran, Ch. 16 Verse 78.