…it’s still cooking

A very authenticated meal, derived from various cultures and communities and a dish that is still evolving as the time passes. These days, the Chefs around the world have easy access to various ingredients and with each experiment a chef through, a new taste or a new flavour is invented. Its just the matter of time until you have access to that either via corporate franchise or travelling chef who discovers the taste.

Biryani, a dish that have evolved in so many cultures is cooked with various fashion. It’s origins is traced back past existence of the East India Company and beyond the Mughal Raj. Rice, the main ingredient of biryani, was one of the food available with easy along with meat. Boil this to ingredient together, and you so called have biryani, Of course in 17th Century. As the time passed, ingredients were added to the dish according to the desired flavour. Today, Biryani can be made various ingredients but the Mughal biryani that I make is actually a blend the DUM(Steamed) biryani mixed with some royalties. This sort of meal were prepared for kings back in the history as all the meals made for the kings and the royal was meant to be of highest quality and surely most expensive ingredients. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost me fortune but yes, it does take bit of effort to collect the ingredient.

Dum, as I mentioned Steam, is the main base of the cooking biryani. Did you know fastest way of cooking meat is steam if not pressured? It is strange but it does, and that is how the meat is cooked in biryani and regardless it be red or white meat, is  it always very tender and juicy.

I am still due to take picture of the dish when I cook, so rest, including the ingredients, will be update later.

Now, I am hungry….